Get back to your passion—your business—and leave the bookkeeping to us

Experience the difference…

When you work with a small accounting firm, you get the level of personalized support you deserve. We serve as a dedicated partner—with you from launch to succession. We can handle it all for you, including:

Bookkeeping and payroll

We keep your books clean and accurate, handling daily transaction classification and expense tracking as well as seamlessly integrating payroll.

Bill paying and invoicing

We handle daily bill paying and invoice activity while keeping you apprised of your cash flow.

Business tax planning and preparation

Ensure compliance by having our experts prepare and file your tax returns and receive expert planning along the way.

Reporting and advice

Via regular monitoring of key performance indicators and trends, we’ll keep you informed of your financial health and offer sound advice for business growth and sustainability.

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Your back office support system

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Foraker Package
      • Account Reconciliation - Monthly
      • Reconcile bank accounts 
      • Reconcile electronic transactions into QuickBooks 
      • Reconcile credit card accounts
      • After the fact data entry 
      • 1099 Preparation
      • Payroll Services 
      • 3 employees or less
      • Salary or hourly
      • Payment of taxes
      • Preparation of Quarterly Forms
      • Preparation of yearly W2s
      • Tax
      • Annual tax planning
      • Advice
      • Prepare quarterly financial statements
      • Annual business consulting
      • Annual budget report if applicable
* The Foraker Package starts at $300.00 (additional fees may apply)
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St. Elias Package
Includes BOSS™ Foraker Package plus:
  • Account Reconciliation - Weekly
  • Dedicated Client Service Team
  • Payroll Services
  • 15 employees or less
  • Benefit tracking
  • All types of payments - commissions, hourly, salary, etc.
  • Pension remittance
  • Garnishment remittance
  • Provide employee access to electronic paystubs
  • Provide employer access to electronic pay records
  • Software/Technology
  • Receipt Bank
  • QBO
  • Mobile access employee paystubs
  • Tax
  • Tax Return excluding personal
  • Advice
  • Quarterly client manger meeting
  • Quarterly budget reports if applicable
* The St. Elias Package starts at $600.00 (additional fees may apply)
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Denali Package
Includes BOSS™ St. Elias Package plus:
  • Bookkeeping
  • Process bills and payments
  • Track credit card expenses and missing receipts
  • Process employee expense reimbursement reports
  • Provide digital access to paid bills
  • Project or location tracking
  • Payroll Services
  • Under 50 employees
  • Advice
  • Monthly client manager meeting
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Monthly budget reports if applicable
  • Tax
  • Audit protection - LLC 1065, 1120, 1120s, Tax Return
* The Denali Package starts at $1,000.00 (additional fees may apply)